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Dr. Williams has extensive skills and experience (over 40 years) in the fields of system analysis and human performance technology. He has conducted user needs and task analysis, performed system and product usability evaluations, designed user-interfaces and on-line help, developed work-space layouts and personnel requirements, designed and developed training, and conducted follow-up evaluations of systems, user interfaces and learning support products. He has headed projects and groups engaged in analysis of both system and human performance problems in industry and government. In addition, he has developed and taught human factors courses for technical and managerial personnel and has conducted research in various human performance areas, particularly visual presentation of information and human information processing. Dr. Williams has been a major contributor to national and international standards for software ergonomics (editor of three international standards concerning user-computer dialogues). He currently chairs the US. Technical Advisory Group for the ISO Subcommittee on the "Ergonomics of human-system interaction" and is an active participant in ANSI and ISO Standards Committees developing user interface standards.


Principal Ergonomist

Provides consulting services in human performance technology. Principal Investigator for two Canon Mixed Reality System Ergonomic Assessment Studies; developed project plans and experimental designs, supervised conduct of studies, analyzed results and produced phase reports and final reports. Project leader and editor of ISO 9241-143: Ergonomics of human-system interaction - Forms and ISO/IEC 25064: Software product Quality Requirements and Evaluation (SQuaRE) - Common Industry Format (CIF) for Usability - User need report. Expert contributor to US Dept. of Labor National Occupational Information Network concerning job attributes of ergonomics practitioners.

TELCORDIA TECHNOLOGIES - formerly Bellcore (1992 - 2001)

Senior Human Performance Technologist

Team lead and primary designer of electronic performance support system (EPSS) "Telcordia Performance Support Project Estimator" used by project managers and developers to estimate the development time and costs of various performance support projects. Developed requirements, testing methodology and test cases, evaluated design against standards and conducted usability test of product. Co-lead for Online Help and Performance Support Design Team charged with developing architecture, design requirements and prototype for an integrated online help/performance support system covering 7 major Telcordia Operating Support Systems (OSSes). Consulted with Learning Support developers, performed user needs assessments, task analyses, materials evaluations, and follow-up evaluation studies, developed new tools and prototypes for applying advanced technology to both the development of Learning Support products and the application of learning support on-line. Developed on-line help and CBT prototypes to demonstrate WWW capabilities. Prepared "On-line Material, Design and Format Guidelines" for learning support designers, wrote chapter on User Support in Bellcore's "Design Guide for Multiplatform graphical User Interfaces", developed "Learning and Performance Support Selection Aid" to assist developers choose appropriate support method and delivery mode. Developed prototype model for Bellcore's Electronic Performance Support system (BEPS). Provided instructional technology support to developers of courses for several Bellcore Operations Systems.

Human Factors Curriculum Manager, Instructional developer (1984 - 1992)

Responsible for the management and development of the human factors/user-centered design (including training development) portion of Bellcore's software engineering curriculum. Developed and taught human factors courses such as: User Needs and Task Analysis, Introduction to GUI's, Designing User-computer Dialogues, and Introduction to Usability Testing. Represented Bellcore on a number of national and international standards committees concerned with user-interface standards. Conducted and published research in the areas of menu design and spatial organization of displays, particularly using computer algorithms and expert system techniques, and researched the use of hypertext.


Member of Technical Staff - Technical Education and Training Organization

Conducted training needs assessment for human factors training for software system developers. Prepared learning maps and curriculum descriptions for user-interface portion of curriculum and developed several courses (including "User Interface Design" and "Information Display"). Previously developed a number of courses for Bellcore employees learning Operations Systems Technology, including a prototype course utilizing interactive video and computer-based instruction.

AT&T COMPANY (6 years)

District Manager - Human Resources and Supervisor - Functional Accounting Human Performance Support.

System-wide coordinator for Computer-Based Training (CBT). Developed Long Range Plan for CBT utilization in the Bell System, coordinated and conducted investigations concerning potential utilization of CBT, developed policy recommendations, provided AT&T interface to vendors, developed CBT Guidelines for Bell Companies, organized and chaired interdepartmental and inter-company CBT coordinator groups. Assisted various organizations in determining the feasibility of utilizing CBT (performed study comparing CBT and conventional self-instruction for service reps). Developed check list methodology for extracting skill and knowledge from task analysis data. Major contributor to the AT&T Training Development Standards used throughout the Bell System (particularly the needs assessment and task analysis phases). Responsible for human performance technology support to organizations developing a new functional accounting system to be used by Bell System Companies. Identified new requirements for, and assisted organizations in the application of behavioral science techniques ( e.g., performance analysis, task analysis, evaluation).


Supervisor - Systems Training Department, PSD Standards Department, Human Performance Support Department

Responsible for development of Personnel Subsystem Development (PSD) methods and standards to be used by Business Information Systems developers in application organizations. Coordinated work of five staff members and numerous contractors in development of integrated PSD technology documented in the form of practices, guides, and handbooks. Provided support to AT&T in developing several guideline documents including PSD Management Guidelines and served as Bell Labs representative on AT&T Training Development Standards Project. Previously responsible for providing Personnel Subsystem support to three business information system development projects. Directed efforts of support personnel and provided technical direction for planning, execution, and analysis of various studies carried out to support the projects.


Consultant, Driver Education Evaluation Project

Provided experimental design assistance to project developing proposal for national study of the effectiveness of driver education in secondary schools. Also served as member of Research Advisory Committee of the American Society of Safety Engineers.


Project Manager and Senior Systems Consultant

Managed various projects involving development of large-scale information systems, including an educational data processing system for the State of New York and a student information system for Montclair State College. Responsibilities involved developing system requirements, specifications and plans for implementation. Also served as a member of special project team responsible for analyzing the information requirements of the New York City Housing and Development Organization. Headed project that provided prototype training packages and practices for newly assigned Bell Laboratories Business Information Systems staff members involved with determining human performance requirements and developing supporting system components. Previously, member of project responsible for development of operational and program requirements for Strategic Air Command Control System (SACCs). Developed graphics display capability for SAC commanders. Conducted research on the design of information displays for SAC decision makers. Also headed project responsible for developing organizational and personnel requirements for SACCS.



Responsible for task analysis and developing Personnel Subsystem and training requirements for Geodetic Mapping and Survey System. Conducting various human factors studies concerning visual displays and perception (including selection of lunar landing sites) and performed several task analyzes on use of Lunar Excursion Module (LEM) for post Apollo lunar missions. Also prepared human factors part of numerous proposals for military contracts.


As technical assistant to the Director of EDP, served as technical liaison with manufacturer of specialized data processing equipment. Also project coordinator of design of automated pupil record system for the City of Chicago.


Research Assistant on job analysis project for USAF, conducted basic task analysis research.



BS Psychology, Purdue University (1958)

MS Human Factors - Industrial Psychology, Purdue University (1960)

Ph.D. Education, N. Y. University (1971)

Additional course work completed in business management, industrial engineering and human factors. Also completed courses in programming (including: Autocoder, FORTRAN, Basic, UNIX and Pascal)


Dr. Williams is a Certificant, Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics

Presented papers at numerous professional meetings, including such organizations as American Psychological Association, Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, ACM/SIGCHI, National Society for Performance and Instruction, HCI International Conference, Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers.

Published in Journal of Engineering Psychology, Psychonomic Science, Human Factors, Journal of Applied Psychology, American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) Journal, and others (including numerous company internal reports).

Biography published in the 24-26th Editions of Who's who in the East , the 2nd -8th Editions of Who's Who in Science and Engineering, the 49th-59th Editions of Who' Who in America and the 12th-26th Editions of Who's Who in the World.